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Welcome to Mingo Global

for Leaders

For opinion leaders

Our company supports and encourages active leaders and bloggers who have experience conducting online webinars and offline conferences.

If you already have a team of partners and would like to introduce them to our company's work, or you want to create your team and have experience holding conferences, then contact our manager by email at ads@mingo-global.org. In the letter, describe your experience holding such events and your opportunities. Be sure to include which city you are from and your contact details.

Each appeal will be considered, and if your proposal is of interest to us, then your personal manager will contact you, who will coordinate further work.

We fully support our partners at all stages of work and, for our part, offer:

Financing and encouragement.

The company fully assumes all costs associated with the organization of the conference, such as renting the premises, renting the necessary equipment, a banquet, and other expenses during the event.

And of course, we are ready to pay for your work organizing the meeting.

Information materials.

We will provide you with all the necessary advertising and information products for the meeting. We will also help to prepare and pay for branded clothes.

Training and support.

The company supports its partners and contributes to their development and growth, providing any assistance that is required from our side.

Your manager will provide full support throughout the entire period of cooperation. We will give you all the information you need and, if necessary, provide you with personal training.