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    M5H 2R2, 333 Bay St., Toronto, Canada

Welcome to Mingo Global


Mingo Global is a cryptocurrency trading company. We are engaged in software development, analytics, and forecasting of the cryptocurrency market.

Oh sure. The company is officially registered in Canada under Mingo Global Corporation, corporation number 1403036-2. More information about the status of the company can be found on this page.

We make money by trading and exchanging cryptocurrencies.

Yes, you can visit our office. But first, you need to coordinate your visit. Contact us using the feedback form or the technical support service and let us know your intentions.

Our CEO is busy and doesn't have time for face-to-face meetings. But if you are a significant investor or have innovative proposals for developing our business, such a meeting is possible.

Yes, registration is free.

Anyone who has reached the age of majority can register. In Canada, this age is 18.

We work with people from all over the world, if transactions with cryptocurrencies are not prohibited by law in your country.

First, you must choose your cryptocurrency and replenish the platform balance by the required amount, but not less than the minimum deposit amount. After that, you need to select an investment plan and open a deposit on it. The deposit will automatically start working immediately. No other action needs to be taken.

You can open a new investment plan with the money you have on your platform balance. You cannot add money to an already working deposit.

We currently accept the following cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin / Ethereum [ERC20] / Litecoin / Doge / USDT [ERC20] / Tron [TRC20] / BinanceCoin [BEP20] / BitcoinCash / USDT [BEP20] / BUSD [BEP20] / Dash / Stellar / SHIB [BEP20] / USDC [BEP20] / USDT [TRC20] / Ripple. The list of cryptocurrencies is constantly updated with new ones. Stay tuned for company news.

No, we do not charge a commission when replenishing the balance. When transferring funds to our wallets, you will only pay the standard commission of a specific cryptocurrency for the transaction.

The minimum deposit amount for each of the cryptocurrencies is: Bitcoin - 0.004 BTC / Ethereum [ERC20] - 0.10 ETH / Litecoin - 1.10 LTC / Doge - 1390.00 DOGE / USDT [ERC20] - 250.00 USDT / Tron [TRC20] - 1333.00 TRX / BinanceCoin [BEP20] - 0.33 BNB / BitcoinCash - 0.873 BCH / USDT [BEP20] - 100.00 USDT / BUSD [BEP20] - 100.00 BUSD / Dash - 2.34 DASH / Stellar - 1091.00 XLM / SHIB [BEP20] - 11778563.00 SHIB / USDC [BEP20] - 100.00 USDC / USDT [TRC20] - 100.00 USDT / Ripple - 198.10 XRP. The amount of the minimum deposit for a particular cryptocurrency can be dynamically changed depending on the rate of the cryptocurrency. Carefully check this value with each replenishment of the balance.

You can invest any amount you want. We have no restrictions.

When replenishing, you must be extremely careful and check which network the wallet number was issued to you. Pay attention to which network you are transferring in – ERC-20, BEP-20, TRC20, or in the native network of a particular cryptocurrency.

If you mistake and send money to the wrong network, we will need additional time and money to transfer funds to the correct network. In this case, we may deduct the cost of this operation from your funds, which can be up to 30% of your replenishment amount. But sometimes, we cannot return your funds, which may be lost forever. Therefore, you need to check all the transaction details very carefully!

If you encounter such a situation, contact our technical support service at support@mingo-global.org. Describe the problem, and tell your login under which you are registered on the platform, the amount and name of the cryptocurrency in which you made a replenishment, and also provide the transaction number. After receiving all the required data, we will try to solve this problem as quickly as possible and credit the money to your balance.

The withdrawal minimum amount is not constant and can be changed by us up and down, depending on the transaction cost in a particular cryptocurrency network. Currently, the minimum withdrawal amount is: Bitcoin - 0.001 BTC / Ethereum [ERC20] - 0.10 ETH / Litecoin - 0.01 LTC / Doge - 300.00 DOGE / USDT [ERC20] - 250.00 USDT / Tron [TRC20] - 150.00 TRX / BinanceCoin [BEP20] - 0.05 BNB / BitcoinCash - 0.02 BCH / USDT [BEP20] - 10.00 USDT / BUSD [BEP20] - 10.00 BUSD / Dash - 0.10 DASH / Stellar - 20.00 XLM / SHIB [BEP20] - 329000.00 SHIB / USDC [BEP20] - 10.00 USDC / USDT [TRC20] - 40.00 USDT / Ripple - 4.00 XRP.

No. We pay all commissions. You will receive exactly as many funds as you requested for withdrawal.

Payments are made only in manual mode. After you have created a withdrawal request, it will be checked by our security service and only after that the payment will be made. The maximum withdrawal time limit is 96 hours. Withdrawal requests are processed from Monday to Friday. No payments are made on Saturday and Sunday.

After you submit a withdrawal request, it must be checked by our security service, and after that, the financial department will make a payment. The maximum period we undertake to make the withdrawal of funds is 96 hours. But as a rule, all payments are made during the day. Withdrawal requests are processed from Monday to Friday. No payments are made on Saturday and Sunday.

No, you cannot terminate the investment plan ahead of schedule.

Once you have opened an investment plan, it can no longer be changed. Therefore, be careful when opening a deposit.

Profit is accrued on working days only, from Monday to Friday. There are no accruals on Saturday and Sunday.

You should take into account that all deposits work according to GMT-0 server time, and not according to your local time. As a consequence, all accruals will occur according to server time.

No, it doesn't convert. You open a deposit and receive profit in the cryptocurrency in which you replenished the platform balance.

Yes, we have developed an exciting affiliate program for our clients. More details can be found at the link.

To participate in the affiliate program, you need to invite users using your affiliate link, which can be found in your account.

Yes. Each registered user can participate in our affiliate program without having their own deposit.

After your partner opens a deposit, the referral commission will be instantly credited to your balance.

Oh sure. You can immediately withdraw all the money you earn to your wallet.

Contact the Advertising and Marketing Department using the contacts listed on this page.

Contact the Advertising and Marketing Department using the contacts listed on this page.

All promotional materials are available in your account in the “Promotional” tab. If you need additional promotional materials, write this request to our technical support service, and we will produce them.

Yes. We try to support our active partners in every possible way, including financially. Write your proposal to the Advertising and Marketing Department using the contacts listed on this page.

The account becomes active instantly after registration.

The rules of our company allow the use of only one account. Using multiple accounts to earn extra income may result in your account being blocked by our security system.

To reset your password, follow the link. You will then receive an email with a link to reset your password. You need to follow this link.

Contact our technical support service, and the operator will answer any of your questions.